4 mobile games that are addictive!

The portable device is one of the most used media when it comes to gaming. It is practical, easy to transport and allows you to have fun in the metro, in the car (if you are not driving of course), at the restaurant while you eat your favorite dish, etc.

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Developers are also aware of this reality and are designing interesting gaming applications accessible on mobile. Whether you have a phone running Android or iOS, you can install a wide range of applications. Check out some of the best gaming apps for your mobile device!

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Angry Bird 2

Angry Bird is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most popular mobile games. This very exciting game is accessible on the same iOS and Android phones. The objective is rather simple: throw birds so that they reach a well-defined target.

Angry Birds 21

On this improved version the objective remains the same, except that the targets are now pigs! To install it, you will only have to go to your application store and type in the title. When it appears, all you have to do is click on the “Download” option and your device's system will take care of the rest.

Subway Surfers

In our ranking, Subway Surfer comes just after Angry Birds, and this is not insignificant. Just like the latter, it is also not the least. In the world of this game, you will have to guide a tireless runner across a railway.

Throughout your race, which can also be done on a skateboard as in a real skateboarding competition, you must jump over obstacles to avoid them. You also need to collect coins and other boosters.

No matter what phone you have, you'll find this game in the Google Play Store on Android or the App Store for iOS phones.

Candy Crush Friends Saga


It could not fail to mention it, because a selection of the best mobile games without Candy Crush would clearly be unfinished. This is a game during which you will have to match elements of the same nature. This hit is compatible with all types of devices, and this aspect has also greatly contributed to its popularity.

This version particularly incorporates superb graphics which highlight the multi-colored side of the game. On Candy Crush Friends Saga, there is no doubt that you will be treated to visually impressive sessions.

Plants vs. Zombies 2

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This game has been well rated by players, and just by reading the title, we can guess that it will easily be unanimous. What is certain is that anything that includes zombies involves an invasion, and this game is no exception to that rule.

During your games, your mission will therefore be to repel an invasion of zombies , and each time you manage to contain them for a certain duration, you will move to the next level.

How else can you have fun with mobile games?

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